Call Me Your Slut With Cindy

Some girls put on a nice innocent fun face in public and then just get nasty as hell in the bedroom…that’s the case with gorgeous Cindy in this Wow Girls update as she sits on her man’s face and tells him ‘call me your slut’! He is more than happy to give her tight pussy a good licking, nibbling on her clit and labia and driving her wild as she grinds her hole on his mouth. Soon she’s riding his hard cock, straddling him with those long legs as she bounces up and down in this hot hardcore fuck scene. She’s got those cute perky little petite boobies with nipples that are standing out like eraser heads as he pounds her hole…with that skinny body of hers I’m surprised he doesn’t just split her in half!

Model(s): Cindy

A Busty Takes A Biggie

This is kind of like a massage scene but the massage doesn’t last very long at all. It’s a scene called “A Busty Takes A Biggie” because well you guys can figure this one out. He comes in and gives her a boob massage because he is a man after all and Connie has one of the best sets of tits I have ever seen. This girl is straight up stunning and I can’t believe that Wow Girls was able to get her to do a hardcore scene like this! She gets fucked right there on the massage table but not before the masseuse gets a little pleasuring of his own. He puts her head kind of hanging off the table so he has a nice angle to throat fuck her as well as kind of sit on her face so she can suck on his balls. The video is really just high quality this promo does not give it justice because it’s a low quality video, that’s all you’re allowed to use as promo sorry guys!

Model(s): Connie

Horny Fuck After School

Paula Shy has just gotten home from work and sees her parents aren’t home so she invites her boyfriend over for a little horny fuck after school in this Wow Girls update! She bends over the table and pulls up her little schoolgirl skirt to show off her ass and to get her naughty pussy fingered by her man, who teaches her a lesson or two with his fingers as well as his tongue, making her bite her thumb in pleasure. This sexy schoolgirl better hope she doesn’t get caught as she spreads her legs and takes his hard rod in her tight shaved hole, or she’ll be stuck in detention until she’s learned her lesson! From the looks of things though, punishment doesn’t really work with this sexy brunette babe…she plays by her own rules.

Model(s): Paula Shy

You Belong To Me With Anjelica

This guy took one look at his girl Anjelica’s perfect shaved pussy and muttered “you belong to me” before diving headfirst, licking that slit and working her into a virtual frenzy as he fingered her wet hole and pleasured her clit with his lips and tongue! She had her high heels and stockings on still as he worked her pussy and kept them on as she bent over to take his hard dick deep inside again and again for this sexy hardcore Wow Girls scene. With that beautiful face, perky little boobies and incredible long lean body Anjelica is a vision of hotness and her insane libido just adds to the allure! She rides this guy’s dick like a champion jockey getting more and more turned on until…well, you’ll just have to check it out.

Model(s): Anjelica