Naked Hug With Guerlain and Madonna

Some people call it a sin for two girls to get sexual with each other but if it offends you, just think of it as a nice naked hug. Guerlain and Madonna are hanging out together on a patio chair by the pool rubbing each others legs and they both get turned on enough that their bikinis come off and they each get to lick each others pussy, not to mention make out and tweak their nipples until they’re nice and hard. Speaking of nice and hard, this lesbian video is doing the trick!

Look At My Eyes With Guerlain

Guerlain demanded “look at my eyes” but there’s not a person on Earth who would be able to prevent their eyes from wandering south while watching this beautiful girl do her thing. Guerlain does a sensual dance as she slowly unveils her perfect petite boobs, then pulls down her skirt and panties to show off an incredible butt in this solo striptease update!

Model(s): Guerlain

Filthy Runner With Guerlain

Guerlain is hot as hell but her dancing is center stage in this Wow Girls update. I’m not sure exactly why this beautiful brunette is shaking her perfect little butt like she is but man I’m not gonna argue, especially when she peels out of her sports bra to show off her perky titties and slides those panties down to her ankles to dance completely nude. The scene is called Filthy Runner but she’s not doing a whole lot of running in this clip!

Model(s): Guerlain